The Personal Story Behind One Client’s Journey with Hair Loss

While there are many causes of hair loss, the most common causes are genetics, aging, hormones, stress and medications. Shanna Moll Studio had the opportunity to interview one of our client’s, Melitta Berger, about her hair loss journey.

At the age of 44, Melitta was diagnosed with breast cancer and began chemotherapy shortly after. After going into remission, Melitta continued to struggle with the permanent hair loss caused by her chemo treatments. In her interview, Melitta shares her hair loss story and how she came to find Shanna Moll Studio.

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Shanna Moll Approaches Hair Loss with Passion and Visible Results

Shanna Moll’s mission is to make every person in her chair feel heard, confident and proud of their hair by the time she is done serving them. A Master Stylist and Hair Integration Specialist, Shanna has been servicing clients in the Austin area and surrounding cities for more than 25 years. Her expertise and passion drives her to constantly grow and evolve with new emerging processes, styles and aspects of hair design with and for her clients.

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Alopecia Awareness Month

August is a special month, because it brings to light an autoimmune disease that is often not recognized; Alopecia. 

A person's immune system is designed to protect you from disease and infection by attacking organisms and other invaders that cause disease. But if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells. In the case of Alopecia, the immune system actually attacks the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out. 

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