I am so glad that I found Shanna Moll! I suffer from hair loss and have struggled to find a stylist. I came to Shanna with a very bad topper piece in bad need of help, and she went above and beyond to see me and find a solution to my problem. Shanna is the answer to my prayers. Her salon is aesthetically gorgeous, and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and very kind. If you suffer from hair loss, don't bother with anyone else in Austin. Go see Shanna! She's an absolute professional with many years of experience and she stays up to date on training and new techniques. What sets her apart is that she truly understands and cares about her clients with hair loss. She has a variety of solutions on hand... a very rare find indeed. Many times salons dealing with hair loss clients will have nothing in stock and have no problem telling you to wait many months for a solution. But Shanna is different; she understands the challenges that women with hair loss face and is fully prepared to help! Shanna's salon is a gem, and you won't be disappointed in your experience there. I can't recommend her enough. -Elly W. 

My mother recently suffered a fall and is having a long recovery. She also has an auto-immune disease that has caused her to lose much of her hair. In order to help her feel better about herself, I wanted to take her to purchase a wig, bug she isn't up to the long drive from Lake LBJ to Austin. Then I found SHANNA!!! Shanna came to her home and tried on numerous wigs that my mom had picked out. We found a cute one that made her look like she used to look 15 years ago/ She was beaming with her new hair. Shanna is knowledgeable, caring, empathetic and has a great sense of what looks good on each person. Keep in mind, there is a trip charge for her to come to you and a re-stocking fee for wigs chosen but not purchased. but Shanna was up front with me on the costs. My mom's happiness with her new hair: priceless!!! -Sheri H.

Shanna is as good as it gets. I found Shanna on the internet, and the first time I walked into her salon, I felt as though she was a complete professional and yet as comfortable as if we had been friends for a long time. Shanna talked with me about options for my thin hair, and is committed to helping me become comfortable wearing a Hair Dreams piece. Anytime I reach out to her she is quick to respond. She has even worked on my hair on a Sunday when it would not fit the schedule any other time. At times when I have been in her salon and other clients were there, they were eager to tell me how long they had been with Shanna - some as many as 15 or 16 years. I am so grateful that I found her and I am certain that I will be a client and friend for many, many years as well. -M P.

Without hesitation or judgment, Shanna immediately had solutions for my daughter. She was extremely empathetic and professional in addition to providing accurate information and solutions. Highly recommend Shanna Moll Studio! -Pam P.

I've been a client of Shanna's for about 25 years. Early on, I received many compliments about the cut and style of my hair. Family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers, wanted to get in with this highly skilled, cutting-edge stylist. Over the years my hair began to thin - quite a lot. Shanna worked with me on trying different styles to mitigate the obviousness of the thinning hair. Turns out, I wasn't her only client dealing with the issue. As a result, Shanna became determined to find solutions for those of us experiencing the phenomena of thinning hair and distressing hair loss. As Shanna marched on - training and learning everything she could about hair loss options - many of her clients benefited from the results. I was slow to come around, but earlier this year, Shanna shared news with me about a hair replacement system she was getting trained on know as the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CNC System. Well, let me tell you - I finally listened and couldn't be more pleased with the results! I no longer feel self-conscious about my scalp shining through thin layers of hair. I have more hair than I've ever had and it looks great! It's easy to wash, style, and manage. It fits my lifestyle! Thank you, Shanna, for seeing the need and responding, and for being            patient. :) -J.H.

I am giving Shanna Moll Studio a 5-star rating because I went to visit her for the first time a few weeks ago for a wig fitting. Shanna is not only a well educated and talented hair dresser she is also incredibly considerate of her clients needs and is very passionate about helping women with hair loss. Shanna stayed late two days in a row to complete the haircut and wig washing, cutting and styling and she has set up her studio in a way that offers privacy to her clients. I believe hair loss due to disease or any other condition can be devastating for a woman and Shanna helps alleviate that struggle for her clients by providing beautiful wigs in an environment where the client feels cared about and supported. She's a gem and Austin is lucky to have her :) - Sheila D

Shanna is a master stylist, colorist, hair extension and hair replacement artist. Before I had cancer my hair was thin, and Shanna used hair extensions on me which were fantastic. My hair grew back from cancer but was still thin. Shanna now uses Volume Plus Hair Replacement System with me, and wow, my hair has never looked better. I trust her for all my cut and color needs, she is not only genius and a professional, she has a heart of gold and will do everything in her power to bring her customers joy and happiness with their hair. -Pam C

I've been working with Shanna for about a year.   In the last 20 years (from my 20's -40's) my hair had been thinning.  I didn't even realize how bad it was till I noticed it in a picture. The hair right above my shoulders....you could see completely through it.   Shanna put me on a program that changed my hair completely. My hair has actually growing longer and thicker and is healthier and it has been since my early 20's. It has been the most amazing experience ever.  We also have done a few top pieces as my hair has been improving. The top pieces have put less stress on my hair since I'm not having  to color or highlight near as often.   I cannot recommend Shanna enough, especially for people whose hair is thinning.  Don't wait !!! Don't put it off !!!!!  Call today and start getting your hair back !!!! -J B

I went to Shanna to discuss my hair loss solution -I can't even describe how helpful and thoughtful she was!
after a lot of other options I tried over the years I felt I finally got exactly what I was looking for!
I highly recommended Shanna's Salon -best service ever! - Gail T

Feel beyond lucky to have found Shanna! I had always want long, thick hair and unfortunately that was not in the cards for me. After trying to grow out my fine strands I would find that my hair would break off and just look stringy. Lucky for me, I started seeing Shanna and she helped me achieve the hair I always wanted with extensions in my budget. Not only is she wonderful, fun and a pleasure to be around, she knows her stuff and is always up on the latest hair trends and techniques! For anyone unhappy with their hair and wanting solutions that are right for you search no longer - give Shanna a call, you won't regret it! -Jamie C

"Thank you for everything, have have impacted my life far greater than you can imagine. It amazes me how talented you are and I know you'll continue changing lives. You are the best!" -Gia T.

I appreciate your dynamic presence so much, but not as much as your willingness to meet your clients where we are.       -Jane G. 

I've been going to Shanna not for over 6 years and have always felt so beautiful when I left! This time was no different. This time, I wanted multiple colors, but because my hair is so fine, and curly, I needed to be very careful. Shanna did a great job of adding purple, blue, turquoise, magenta and violet to my hair without ruining it! Then she added treatment and sent me home with product to keep the color and protect my hair. She even styled it before I left so it was beautiful! -Ericka M.

I came about Shanna Moll when I began researching hairdressers in Austin who specialize in hair extensions for thinner hair. As far as I could remember, growing up, I had long, thick hair, that I even considered it annoying or a hassle to deal with at the time. These days, I wish that was my biggest concern. I had later learned that it was problems with my thyroid that had actually caused my hair loss at such a young age.Which brings me back to why I've been wanting hair extensions. I have an upcoming date to take wedding pictures and I had my heart set to have my hair styled a particular way. Now, for most people, this wouldn't be such a big deal, but for me this was something I wanted so badly for a long time and it wouldn't be possible with thin hair. So, I thought what a perfect time to test out hair extensions. After going through a long, sorted list of hairstylists, Shanna Moll seemed like the only qualified hairstylist who could achieve the look I was going for. (Also, knowing she would be delicate to my thin hair.) When I contacted her, she took time out of her day to fit me into her packed schedule last minute. THIS FACT ALONE was what made her stood out and at my initial consultation I never felt rushed. She was very patient, understanding, and knowledgeable in regards to my questions. What's funny is that she had actually encouraged me to ask more questions, which is so unlike other people I have seen. Once I left her studio, I felt even more confident in her skills and SUPER excited for my new hair. 

What I like about her is that she is passionate about hair, ready to answer questions, and has a very professional attitude. She will listen to your concerns, in addition to knowing exactly what you need. I've never seen someone go above and beyond like she did. 

During the hair installation, Shanna made sure it blended in seamlessly, then styled it to perfection. I thought she did a great job with matching the "factory" color to me but she had actually colored the hair herself! I didn't find out that special fact until the end of my appointment and if she didn't tell me, I would've just assumed the factory colors matched my hair by luck. (Y'all, this lady is committed to her work!)

My hair has never looked better and its all because of Shanna. If you ever doubt yourself, she will teach you everything you will need to know about hair care. So, if you are in the Austin area or any surrounding area for that matter, go check her out! These reviews won't mean anything until you see for yourself how amazing she is. I can guarantee you that she will change your life!  Again, thank you so much Shanna, from the bottom of my heart! -Gie H.

I am in love with Shanna Moll. Seriously. I felt like my hair needed a refresh - not anything drastic, but after 10 years with my previous stylist (who is also my sister-in-law) I was feeling blah about my curls. So I researched on curly hair specialists, and kind of randomly picked Shanna. She's not a curly hair specialist. She's a curly hair goddess. A little magic from her scissors has given my curls spring and bounce I've never seen before. And she immediately zeroed in on the problem I'd had with my hair that I'd not even mentioned about the layers making my hair feel like a bunch of stair steps. We chatted along like we'd known each other forever - she's an incredibly personable lady, and I'm really looking forward to a long relationship with her. -Jill W.

Shanna is not only professional and skilled but she is also insanely fun to talk to. I get compliments all the time on my hair and I credit Shanna. You know how sometimes you ask for one inch off and walk out with half your length mysteriously gone? That does NOT happen with Shanna. She really listens and does what you ask for. Bring a picture for reference, because no one can read minds, but prepare to get what you want. She also guarantees her work. When I wanted an ombré color treatment and it didn't come out how I hoped, Shanna was quick to offer another session free of cost and I wound up with hair that I LOVED. You wear your hair every day, so it's worth investing your time and money with Shanna-Robyn L. 

I found Shanna online after trying several stylists. I have very curly hair that has gotten frizzier with the gray invasion. The nasty grays had also made getting my natural blonde color right. Shanna listened, looked, asked questions, and then went to work. My haircut was great and my color was close, but not quite my vision. Shanna insisted I come back, and I got my blonde back!! Thanks Shanna!! -Cynthia S. 

I moved to Austin from San Antonio about a year ago and was tired of having to drive all the way to my colorist so I looked on yelp and found Shanna.  I am so pleased with how my color and cut turned out.  Not only did she match my color perfectly to what I asked, but she worked with me on my cut to add in some layers and really updated my cut to something that has a lot more movement and texture.  Her wealth of experience shines! I absolutely loved talking with her and felt totally at ease from beginning to end of my appointment.  I would absolutely recommend Shanna and am looking forward to my next appointment! -Becky O.

I have fine, thin, gray hair and nothing seemed to make it look "polished."  I didn't want an old lady haircut and each time I go in we discuss what I liked and what I didn't.  I LOVE my hair.  Shanna is honest about what would work and what wouldn't and I've never been disappointed. Plus it's always fun to go there. -Karen C.

In our first appointment, Shanna was not at all intimidated by my request for a short haircut for my curly hair (3B).  She smiled and quickly said "I think it is going to look great, let's do it!"  I love the freedom of embracing my natural curls, her technique to manage volume and curls is flawless, it looks effortless when she is doing it but I have try for years to get a long-lasting short curly haircut with no luck.  Her style holds very good between appointments there is no bad looking stage.  She is color specialist yet she's been so understanding of my desire to embrace my grays for the time being.  I am happy I found Shanna. -Ivonne N.