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Shanna Moll

Hair Therapist

Shanna is a Master Stylist and Hair Integration Specialist servicing clients in the Austin area for more than 25 years. Her expertise and passion drives her to constantly grow and evolve with new emerging processes, styles and aspects of hair design with her clients.

Shanna's mission is to make everyone that sits  in her chair feel great about themselves. Her newest vision includes offering personalized solutions for those that suffer hair loss. Her specialization encompasses all stages of hair loss, from thinning hair to naturally occurring and medically related alopecia. Shanna's commitment to her clients is individualized care in a beautiful spa setting.

Her certifications include: Tony and Guy; Mastery level in Hair Design. Three certifications in Hair Extensions and thinning hair solutions from; Cesare Ragazzi Labratories, Jon Renau, Hairdreams, Great Lengths, and Platinum Seamless. Color: Mastery level certifications from 6 different color lines with a preference for Pravana. Hair Straightening; Mastery level certification in two different Keratin Systems.

Do you think your hair is too fine? Unruly? Or are you experiencing thinning to profound hair loss? Call for your consultation today!

“Whether you are looking for adding length and body to your hair, or using any of my hair integration techniques, my hope is that you enjoy your experience as much as I do. Through both ambiance and service I will help you feel relaxed and indulged as we work together to discover your unique hair needs.” –Shanna


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Finding Purpose in Hair Replacement For Women
Shanna Moll
Shanna Moll Studio, Inc
By Karen Greenberg, RN MSN FNP BC

 Shanna Moll has been a top hair stylist in Austin Texas  for over 25 years and has taken great joy in transforming the lives of Austinites. She calls herself a hair therapist.  The way her customers have stayed with her and have followed her over the decades is a testament to her deep connection with her clients. She has always found great personal satisfaction in helping transforming individuals  into the best they could be.  Hair design, color, chemical work and extensions have been her mainstay in the market until a year and half ago when things began to change.

Marsha was a brand new mother who, just a few months after her baby was born, was diagnosed with a devastating autoimmune disease coupled with a severe bacterial infection.  As she describes it, of all the awful symptoms and toxic medications she had to endure, her associated hair loss was the most devastating. “It was the last straw, it was the outward sign that I was so sick”.  She contacted Shanna for a consultation but was admitted to the hospital before she could actually get to her appointment.  She wouldn’t be well enough to call Shanna back for nearly a year.

While Shanna had dealt with many clients with thinning hair and was a master in the art of hair extensions, in the year between her first and second conversations with Marsha, she was being pulled in the direction of serving those with profound hair loss. She calls these her “God Moments”.  Shanna started seeing an ever increasing number of wonderful individuals with severe thinning hair and she realized two things. First she felt an immense gratitude that she could help those who were in much more serious situations than her usual clients. This wasn’t about covering gray or the trendiest cut, this was about self-worth and wholeness. This led to her second realization, she needed to get trained. She attended training for hair integration systems, toppers, wigs, cutting and coloring.

Just as Shanna was getting trained, Marsha contacted her again. She was finally physically well enough to reach out for some answers to her severe hair loss. A hair integration  system worked for a while but the medications Marsha was taking were causing so much alopecia that the system was no longer an option. Her doctors said it was a 50/50 shot that her hair would ever grow back. Shanna brought Marsha and her husband into the salon after-hours and they had a heart to heart discussion.  Marsha could no longer face her straggly hair image in the mirror.  Shanna, in true hair therapist mode, explained to the couple that it was time for a wig. After gently speaking to Marsha and her husband about how feeling unattractive was affecting intimacy in the relationship, they decided to shave her head.  They started fresh. Marsha first ordered a wig that complemented her personality and understated style. Marsha laughs when she says “I ordered 3 more. Different colors and styles. It became fun!”.  Although her hair has mostly grown back, and her health is returning, she is now an expectant mother with an active two year old. “I still use the wigs.”  Instead of spending a lot of time on her natural hair she said “If I have an extra 45 minutes, I’m going to take a nap and just put on one of my fabulous wigs as I leave the house.”   Shanna and Marsha cannot talk about one another without crying. They both truly believe they were brought together by divine intervention.

Shanna continued on her own journey in becoming certified in several hair replacement systems. Her most recent accomplishment is certification in non-surgical hair grafting. She has a thriving business with her existing clients, and yet, without advertising, her phone rings off the hook with those seeking help in hair replacement.

Linda lives a truly Texan life. She lives on a ranch. She is active and outdoors all the time and she has hereditary female pattern baldness. She says she tried wigs for a couple of years but never thought they quite looked natural. She likes to pull her hair back in a ponytail and go.  

She finally just reluctantly accepted her thinning hair and would wear a baseball cap every day.  

Linda searched and found Shanna on Facebook. They first tried an integrated system but she didn’t like it.  It never felt comfortable.  For about a year Linda wore tape-in extensions but her natural hair became so thin that they could no longer blend the extensions into her hair.  She is now one of Shanna’s newest non-surgical grafting clients and she loves it!  For the first time in years she feels her hair looks normal. As she said best, “This new system made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself. I would recommend it to anyone. My daughter is thinking about the same process. Anyone who has hair loss issues should come to see Shanna”.

Robin found Shanna when her usual stylist went on maternity leave.  She was looking for an understanding hair dresser who had an environment that was more conducive to her need for privacy. She relayed “I got so tired of going to an open salon where people in other chairs could see me without my hair piece. They were way too interested in my baldness and I was really embarrassed.”  She chose Shanna’s private one chair studio and said she is so much happier.  She and every other client said they consider Shanna to be more than a professional. She is their friend.

Debbie  first met Shanna more than twenty years ago when she was recommended because of her expertise in color. She says “ Since that time she has held my hand through my hair loss journey.  I am a victim of female pattern baldness”.  When her symptoms first developed over twelve years ago, Shanna researched Debbie’s  options and steered her in the right direction, since at that time Shanna  was not personally involved in hair loss therapy.  Shanna  continued to be  Debbie’s stylist and offered support and advice while researching hair replacement options.  Last year Shanna called Debbie and asked if she would be her “test subject” with a new hair system. “ I was thrilled to receive a call from her!” Debbie stated. “ Since that time my life has changed forever.  I now have a head of beautiful hair 24/7 with minimal effort thanks to Shanna!  She has been with me every step of the way.  Shanna is always available to answer questions and lend support.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life.  Not only is she an incredibly gifted stylist and hair loss therapist she is also a kind and generous spirit and I am honored to call her my friend.  If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss please schedule a consultation with Shanna.  The experience will change your life forever”!

When Shanna hears her clients talk about her with such high regard she just shakes her head.  “This isn’t about me” she says.  “For some reason I have been shown this path. It is a blessing to be able to help these individuals.”   Everyone that was  interviewed about their experience had one thing in common; they all apologized about caring so much about how they looked.  “Sometimes I feel vain wanting my hair back” said one. “I feel guilty when others have it so much worse” sighed another.  Shanna looks at it differently.  “I have spent my life making people WITH hair look beautiful. It is such a privilege to help improve the confidence and self-esteem of those with hair loss.